Each project is unique so I cost according to the needs of the project. I often find a day rate works best for shorter jobs while phased project pricing for long-term projects gives best value for both parties.

My costing includes research time and has a generous revision allowance built in. I have a clear set up process which enables us to shape the brief together, if necessary, and set a realistic timeframe to get your project ready for when you need it.

How I work

Once you schedule a call, I’ll send you a Google form which asks some simple questions about the scope of the project. You don’t have to fill in it before we talk but it can help you get the project clear in your mind, and it means we can spend the time more effectively on the call.

Introductionary Zoom callFull Zoom consultation to agree scope of project
30 minutesUp to one hour
Schedule your complementary call hereBillable rates